My Philosophy

We are self-healing organisms. Your body is intelligently equipped with natural-repair mechanisms that fight infectious disease, correct injury, and detox the body of harmful toxins. If you scrape your skin, the scab will heal within a matter of days. If you catch a cold, your immune system will respond by killing the infection. We are amazing organisms! So, what if we took advantage of the body’s innate ability to heal itself?

Disease occurs when we deprive ourselves of fundamental nutrients, experience high levels of stress, and when we are exposed to environmental toxins. It’s important to remember that we do not develop disease overnight. Disease is the result of many years of abuse on the body. Every time we eat unhealthy food, drink alcohol, or stress over life we shift one inch closer to disease. While our genes do play a role in the risk of developing disease, genes are rarely deterministic. Only a few diseases are triggered by a single gene. Rather, disease is caused by a combination of environmental factors and a few genes. Your genes, your choices.

Some people believe that their only option is conventional medical treatment. We must realize that conventional medicine only treats the symptoms associated with disease and does not address the underlying cause of disease. Molecules of pharmaceutical medications are strange to the body and therefore, will almost always have negative side effects. I am not anti-medication. Medication is excellent for treating acute conditions and will allow for temporary relief of your symptoms, however, medication will not heal your disease. The only way to truly heal from a chronic condition is to enhance the natural ability of your body to heal itself.

The Current Medical Model is not Working

Our current medical model is no longer applicable for treating the diseases we currently encounter. Our medical model is based on Louis Pasteur’s germ theory, that bacteria, germs and virus are the cause of disease. It was only a hundred years ago that we were dying from microbial infections such as influenza and tuberculosis. Then we discovered the miracle of antibiotics and the deaths due to infection dramatically declined. However the “one pill for every ill” principal used to treat infection is still being used to treat diseases like diabetes and cancer. This approach has failed.

The concept of “disease” is central to the modern medical model. Our model relies on the presence of quantifiable symptoms such as elevated body temperature or a rash to make a diagnosis. Doctors do their best to correct the abnormality and “cure” the ailment. The apparent issue is that doctors are assuming that a patient’s symptoms are sufficient to explain the patient’s illness. This is where our medical system is lacking. We must not view the body as separate compartments, but as a dynamic system.  Our body responds intelligently to damage or invasion by increasing inflammation and creating uncomfortable symptoms. When a patient is diagnosed with hypertension, the doctor prescribes a pill to lower the patient’s blood pressure, however, the doctor is not addressing the underlying cause of high blood pressure. We are effectively counteracting the very response that is trying to save us.

How do we heal from disease?

It is easier than you think! There are a few things about the body that I want you to keep in mind…

  • The body is incredibly complex. We are products of millions of years of smart evolution.
  • The symptoms that you experience on a daily basis are all connected to each other.  
  • Your symptoms are intelligent responses from the body.

let-food-be-thy-medicineGreat! Now let’s get to the good stuff… healing from disease involves a permanent, comprehensive lifestyle change. You must commit to a plant-based diet, proper detoxing methods, healing the digestive system, restoring nerve supply, and reducing stress and free radicals in the body. This is not an inclusive list but it’s a good start! Whether you are suffering from diabetes, hypothyroidism, cancer, an autoimmune condition or fibroids, the option to heal naturally is available to you.

Healing takes time. You will not wake up tomorrow disease free. It might take a few months to feel better, or perhaps, a year. Think of your pursuit of health as a journey. My goal is to impart you with the knowledge to take control of your health. Let’s begin!