My Story

Not too long ago I, myself went through a health crisis.

My health was taken away from me as quick as a flip of a light switch.  I was 25 years old. I woke up with severe burning in my hands and throbbing joint pains throughout my body. An avid runner at the time, I thought I had pushed myself too far. I was confident that my body would bounce back in a few days. After all, I was young and invincible. I had never so much as broken a bone.

Over the next couple months the pains persisted and my health declined. My ligaments started falling asleep while I was standing. My arms were so fatigued I could barely hold them up to type on a computer. I could not walk up a flight of subway stairs without feeling lightheaded. My appetite vanished. I started bruising easily. On the outside I looked normal. No one could tell I was sick but I was in constant pain.

My primary care doctor told me that I had nothing to worry about, that it was probably a virus that needed to run its course. He decided to prepare me for the worst by mentioning a few scary diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, lyme disease, and lupus. This doctor’s visit was followed by a debilitating cycle of doctor referrals, blood tests, emergency room visits, and puzzled faces. I was desperate for a diagnosis. Without it, I felt helpless. At first I blamed my doctors, and then I blamed our medical system. It wasn’t until I talked with my friend, a holistic doctor, that I realized my diagnosis was not important.

Medicine is still a young science.  There will be moments of future enlightenment in the science world. As for my moment of enlightenment, I realized that I would never receive a diagnosis. It was necessary that I move on and try to heal myself. During my journey, I experienced bouts of depression and desperation. I didn’t know if I would ever feel normal again but I rejected the idea that I would be sick for the rest of my life. Life is too precious. Ultimately, I found a way to heal my body. I was very lucky to have nutritional formulas, organic food, a nutritional background and a support system at my finger tips. This experience opened my eyes to the art of healing.

So what was wrong with me? My body effectively stored years worth of environmental toxins in my tissues, my digestive system was a wreck, and my stress levels were off the charts. You see, every patient’s illness is different and must be treated on an individual basis. I immediately made several key lifestyle changes: I went vegan and raw. I detoxed my body for months. I eliminated the use of feminine chemical products. I went to a holistic doctor who performed acupuncture, body adjustments and prescribed homeopathic remedies. I took high dosages of minerals, vitamins, and herbs. I drank sufficient amounts of water. It took me over a year to feel relatively normal again. I am not 100% healthy, but I am on my way and for that, I am grateful.

“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” ~Buddha


7 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Thanks for making your journey available to others.
    Life is precious and the stuff that happens make us forget how lucky we are to be alive.


  2. Not that I want to invade your privacy and mess up your very inspirational and powerful message, but I assume they tested you for RA, right? As in rheumatoid arthritis. A former coworker has it. For him the first symptoms occurred at the age of 23 and he spent some years suffering before the diagnosis because doctors weren’t looking for it in such a young person.


    • Hi Ilya! Yes, they did test me for RA. The first doctor I consulted was a Rheumatologist and he tested me for everything under the sun. Unfortunately, I’m seeing more and more young adults diagnosed with RA. Many of the autoimmune diseases have overlapping symptoms and require similar nutritional therapy.
      Thanks for looking out Ilya 😉


  3. Hi Iraina, This is Wing, who sat across of you at the creperie last Saturday. OMG! I have the same symptoms like you a winter 2 years ago. I was sleeping, suddenly my left upper arm felt like burning. When I woke up, my whole arm turned into tiny rash/ hives bubbles filled with fluid. It was very scary. I could not leave house or walk for long distance for months. That was the abyss period in my life. All doctors and dermatologies told me it was my immune system collapsed without any reason. I refused to take any steriod as that will ruin my joints ( I am a hiker and now doing half marathon training.) My health now improve alot since I adopted candida and vegetarian diet. I believe that having a healthy and cautious diet is most vital element to our health. Thanks you for all your information and very nice to meet you. 🙂


    • Hi Wing,

      It was lovely meeting you at the vegan event! Thank you for sharing your story as well! I think we all come to find that our symptoms are similar. A diagnosis from a doctor is simply a construct and we can’t let the diagnosis define us. I am so glad that you found a way to get better. A vegetarian diet, believe it or not, is an amazing treatment for disease! It’s a great method of detoxing the body of toxins, which is what your body needed. I’ll see you again soon!


  4. Agree, especially my blood test turned out negative to gluten intolerance, so all my conventional doctors and dermatologists did not agree on my self diagnosis on candida diet, gluten free, and vegetarian diet. I found there are only few holistic doctors and lucky that one holistic doc agreed on my diagnosis. After all confusions from different specialists, I truly believe that we are the people who understand out bodies most and felt lucky my health can be recovered by purely diet. I am now around 50% vegan diet too. Hope to see you again. 🙂


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